Asbestos Surveys

Are you concerned about the presence of asbestos in your property? Then you’re in luck as the team at CAS carry out comprehensive asbestos surveys. Our surveys are executed by highly trained and knowledgeable professionals and are quite detailed. We can perform three different types of survey to suit the situation, so make sure to enquire with us to find out more.

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Do I Need an Asbestos Survey?

Buildings built before 2000 most likely contain asbestos as this was once a common material. Used widely through domestic, commercial, and industrial properties, asbestos had many uses, including insulation and fireproofing. Owing to its carcinogenetic properties, its use is now banned, but it still exists in a massive majority of properties throughout the UK.

Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, you are legally required to manage and protect yourself and others from asbestos exposure. This applies if you own, maintain or repair, or, under contract or tenancy agreement, legally responsible.

Likewise, if you’re buying a new property, a homebuyer’s report or structural survey may only offer a rough guess as to whether asbestos is present. It is, therefore, necessary to have a specialist check the property over for asbestos before proceeding.

With a bespoke survey from CAS, you can find out if you have asbestos at your property and which type you are dealing with. Get the process started by calling 01202 629979

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How Can Our Team Be of Assistance?

At CAS, we’re fully qualified and certified to perform all types of Asbestos Survey, and we can also instigate an Asbestos Management Plan. Both of these measures ensure that you fulfil your legal obligations and keep safe yourself or those you’re responsible. Our asbestos surveys are the best way to gain complete peace of mind as they highlight potential issues.

What Can be Learned from Our Asbestos Surveys?

Our asbestos surveys are very thorough, covering all the angles and leaving no stone unturned. The report will detail the type of asbestos present, an asbestos register, photos, marked plans, and our suggestions on how best to manage the material moving forward. If you’re worried that a particular part of your home might contain asbestos, we’ll send a surveyor to collect a sample for analysis.

For buildings that are about to be refurbished, demolished or undergoing extensive repairs or maintenance, a refurbishment and demolition survey would be the right approach. Before works are carried out, the survey would highlight if any asbestos is present that could cause issues. These surveys are very intrusive as they are designed to find even well-concealed asbestos.

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If you have questions concerning our asbestos surveys and would like to speak to one of our surveyors before proceeding, call CAS today on 01202 629997