Asbestos Remediation

Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) can be found in buildings that were constructed before the year 2000. If you’re planning on any refurbishment or demolition work in your building, then it is essential for such ACMs to be removed. This process cannot be carried out without the required knowledge or equipment, so it is essential to reach out to a proven team.

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remediation of asbestos

At CAS, we offer a comprehensive asbestos remediation service to property owners that see ACMs removed responsibly. Our team are flexible in their approach and tailor their work to the needs of each customer. The remediation process we deliver is swift and effective, so all clients are sure to be left satisfied with the results. Read on to learn more about our asbestos remediation work and find out what this service involves.

What is Asbestos Remediation?

Asbestos remediation is the process by which ACMs are removed from a property by a professional team. An asbestos survey is usually carried out beforehand; something that is a legal requirement for all properties built before the year 2000. If such materials are identified during a survey, then the next step will involve a professional team entering your building and having them removed. This process is usually destructive, but it is essential for refurbishment and demolition work to continue.

ACMs contain harmful fibres that, when disturbed, are released into the air. This process, however, can pose severe health risks, given that theses fibres are not supposed to be inhaled. It is, therefore, essential for ACMs to be removed in their entirety before they’re disrupted. Doing so will keep all personnel in your building safe and will mean that you have complied with government legislation. Failure to remove ACMs when necessary, or have a survey performed, could lead to a prosecution.

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Our Asbestos Remediation Work

At CAS, we specialise in asbestos remediation and, as such, can deliver comprehensive service to clients. The first step is to get in touch with our team, who will schedule in a survey to be carried out on your site. During this survey, we will identify all ACMs in your property and produce a comprehensive report for the record. The next step will be to have all these ACMs destroyed and removed in a responsible manner.

While the asbestos remediation process is an intrusive and destructive one, know that our team will work with speed and efficiency at all times so that there is minimal inconvenience. Our staff put safety above all else, so rest assured that they will be wearing all the required protective equipment during their visit. We will make sure that all ACMs are disposed of in the correct manner and will provide you with written proof of the work.

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