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Do you suspect that you have asbestos on your property and in need of a professional asbestos survey Bournemouth residents? Do you need to have a survey carried out to determine if asbestos is present? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at Complete Asbestos Solutions are the premier team for asbestos survey Bournemouth clients.  

We have many years of experience as asbestos surveyors and have built up a wealth of knowledge in this time. As such, regardless of the type of asbestos survey you require, we will be on hand to assist with our reliable and professional services.  

So, to find out more about our Bournemouth asbestos surveys, you need only get in touch with us today. You can give us a call on 01202 099906 to speak to a member of our team directly.

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You might be wondering if you need to invest in an asbestos survey for your property, but if you suspect there is asbestos present, it is better to be safe and have a survey carried out. If your property was built before the year 2000, there might be asbestos present as it was readily used in waterproofing and insulation until the late 90s, when it was banned from use due to its carcinogenetic properties.   

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 state you are legally required to manage and protect yourself and others from asbestos exposure. So, if you own, maintain or repair, or are under contract or tenancy agreement, you are legally responsible for having the property checked for asbestos. Additionally, if you are buying a new property, a general homebuyers report or structural survey might only offer a rough guess as to whether asbestos is present, so it is recommended to invest in a specific asbestos survey, Dorset clients.

At Complete Asbestos Solutions, we’ll always aim to provide you with a bespoke asbestos survey in Bournemouth.

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Here at Complete Asbestos Solutions, we know that every property and requirement will need a different survey to be carried out. This is why we offer many bespoke types of asbestos surveys for our clients, so we can cater to all specifications. Our types of asbestos survey in Bournemouth include:  

You can find out more about each of these surveys below.  



All buildings that were built before the year 2000 are required by law to be surveyed for the presence of asbestos. It is important to determine whether any asbestos-containing materials in the premises have been damaged or disturbed, as these will need to be disposed of, and this is determined through a survey.  

If you own or manage a non-domestic building, then you are responsible for having an asbestos management survey carried out to determine the presence of asbestos. These ACMs, if present, need to be updated regularly on an asbestos report and register, and failing to do so could result in legal prosecution.  

Here at Complete Asbestos Solutions, we can carry out an asbestos management survey in Bournemouth for you, ensuring you are completely covered legally. We are thorough in our approach and will ensure every aspect of your building has been checked for asbestos-containing materials.   

Our team will draw up a thorough and comprehensive report for you, detailing any ACMs found, along with photographic evidence.   


Another type of Bournemouth asbestos survey we can carry out is our refurbishment or demolition survey. If you are planning a refurbishment or demolition project, you will first need to determine if asbestos is present in the property, as this can be damaged during the work.   

We will search every area of the property and identify if any asbestos is present. This will be noted in our thorough report, which will include photographic evidence. Refurbishment and demolition surveys can be destructive as we need to be so thorough, so this survey can only be carried out in unoccupied buildings.  


If you have previously had an asbestos survey in Bournemouth carried out, and asbestos was found in the property but didn’t need to be removed as it wasn’t damaged, you will need to have re-inspection surveys carried out regularly. These surveys re-inspect the areas where asbestos is present, ensuring the ACMs haven’t become damaged or disturbed since the original survey.  

These are a great way to keep an eye on any ACMs in the property, ensuring you are always safe. If we find the asbestos has been disturbed during one of our re-inspection surveys, we can advise you on the best method moving forward. You can rely on our Dorset team to take you through a quick and straightforward process for re-inspection surveys throughout the county.


Asbestos testing is a method by which we identify the type of asbestos present in a property. Knowing the exact type of asbestos helps us devise an effective method of dealing with it. Whether you’re based in Christchurch, Poole, or other areas surrounding Bournemouth, our staff can arrange to have asbestos testing carried out in no time.


In addition to our bespoke types of asbestos survey, Bournemouth clients can also rely on us at Complete Asbestos Solutions for a range of other bespoke asbestos services. These include sampling and analysis and training and advice, and you can find out more about each of these services below. 


Here at Complete Asbestos Solutions, we offer an asbestos sampling and bulk analysis service, where we can certifiably identify the type of asbestos present. Ours is a hassle-free and streamlined service, where we are provided with asbestos samples to test and identify. Additionally, our team can come to the property to collect samples themselves and carry out bulk analysis in our lab.  

We will present the results to you in an easy to understand way and offer professional advice on how best to proceed with your asbestos-containing materials.  


We at Complete Asbestos Solutions believe it is extremely important to educate people on the dangers of asbestos and how you can guarantee your safety around this material. This is why we offer asbestos training and advice, allowing you to carry out your project safely with all the knowledge you require regarding asbestos.



While we are specialists when it comes to asbestos, we can offer more than just asbestos services here at Complete Asbestos Solutions. Some of our other services include fire risk assessmentPAT testing, and coronavirus decontamination cleaning 

Fire Risk Assessment 

It is a legal requirement to have a fire risk assessment carried out on any non-domestic property, and we can assist with this. A fire risk assessment involves taking a careful look at the property and the people in the property, all for the benefit of fire prevention. It will help you understand the risks at your property and how you can improve the safety precautions in these at-risk areas.  

PAT Testing 

PAT testing is another service we can carry out here at Complete Asbestos Solutions, and this refers to portable appliance testing. It involves the examination of electrical appliances and equipment, ensuring they are always working optimally and are fully safe to use. Our testing will combine visual examination and testing of the equipment itself, identifying any defects that can cause the equipment to be unsafe.  

Coronavirus Decontamination Cleaning  

The current covid-19 pandemic highlighted a need for stricter cleaning measures to be observed, which is why we offer a coronavirus decontamination cleaning service. Halting the spread of bacteria with thorough cleaning is a significant factor in controlling the virus and stopping it from being passed on, and this cleaning needs to be carried out by experts. We have the equipment, cleaning products, and training to carry out decontamination cleaning quickly and effectively.  


Here at Complete Asbestos Solutions, we are a company offering professional and affordably priced asbestos solutions for our clients. We have many years of experience in the industry and have built up a wealth of knowledge in this time, making us the premier team for your asbestos survey, Bournemouth clients. Regardless of the type of asbestos survey you require, we are the only team you need to call.  

As well as completing asbestos-related projects in Bournemouth, our team has also taken on work throughout the Dorset area. Our experts have carried out surveys and delivered asbestos management solutions in Christchurch, Poole, Weymouth, and several other Dorset areas. Whether you’re based in central Bournemouth or on the outskirts of town, you can depend on our staff to deliver a viable solution.

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While there are other companies offering asbestos surveys, there are none that can compete with everything we have to offer here at Complete Asbestos Solutions. We have many years of experience in the industry and have built up a wealth of knowledge in this time, making us the premier team for your asbestos survey, Bournemouth clients.  

So, to find out more, simply call us today on 01202 099906 to speak to a member of our Bournemouth team directly. Alternatively, should you wish to reach out via a written method, you can fill out our online form or send an email to us at [email protected]. We will respond as soon as possible via your preferred method of contact.