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Does your property contain asbestos? Are you worried that the asbestos could be disturbed and cause health issues? If so, you will need to have it safely removed, which we can help with at Complete Asbestos Solutions. We are a licensed asbestos removal company that offers a reliable service for asbestos removal, Hampshire clients, ensuring any asbestos–containing materials are removed in their entirety. To find out more about how we can help, please call us today on 01202 099 906.

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Asbestos is an extremely harmful material when it has been disturbed, as the fibres become airborne and can be breathed in, leading to serious health problems. This is why, if you suspect you have asbestos-containing materials on your property and they are likely to be disturbed, you need to have them removed. This is something our team at Complete Asbestos Solutions can handle for you, as we offer a comprehensive asbestos clean-up removal service in Hampshire. 

We have the experience and knowledge to remove any asbestos-containing materials safely, and we tailor our service to each individual property. Before removing asbestos from your property, we will carry out a survey in order to identify the areas in which asbestos is present. From this, we can advise you on the best method for safely removing the asbestos. 

The process for safely removing any asbestos-containing materials can be a destructive one, but it is essential that our team carry out the service in full. Having Hampshire asbestos removal carried out is imperative to remain compliant with government legislation, and failure to do so could lead to prosecution. 

When you come to Complete Asbestos Solutions for your asbestos removal in Hampshire, you can rest assured knowing we will work quickly and efficiently. We want to ensure there is minimal inconvenience to you, and we will always work to the highest standards of health and safety. Our team will dispose of the asbestos-containing materials responsibly and provide you with written proof that it has been carried out.

Engage Complete Asbestos Solutions for a personalised survey that will help you ascertain whether your property contains asbestos and determine the exact type.

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Here at Complete Asbestos Solutions, we are specialists when it comes to handling asbestos. As such, we can provide many other services for our clients alongside our asbestos removal service. Hampshire clients can also rely on our team for: 

In addition to the above asbestos services, we can also provide a range of other services too, from fire risk assessment and PAT testing to legionella testing and LB monitoring. Regardless of the service you require, you can trust in our experience and knowledge. To find out more about any of our services, please call us today on 01202 099 906.


Welcome to Complete Asbestos Solutions, where we have made it our mission to provide our clients with a wide range of asbestos-related services. Whether you need help identifying asbestos, managing it, or even having asbestos removal in Hampshire carried out, we are the only team you need to call. We boast a team that has extensive experience in the industry and an unrivalled knowledge. 

There is no request that is too big or too small for our experienced team to take on and handle safely and effectively. From simple requests to much more complex requests, we can assure you that you are in capable hands with our team. We will provide you with honest advice and talk you through the best method for carrying out your asbestos removal, Hampshire clients.

Our team is happy to provide you with a FREE no-obligation quote, no matter where you’re based in Hampshire. In the past, we have completed asbestos removal projects in Southampton, Portsmouth, and Winchester, so you can rely on out staff to provide professional solutions in all areas of the county.

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