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Do you live in a home that was built before the year 2000? Are you undertaking a construction project that could disturb and damage any asbestos-containing materials? If so, you will need to hire a company to handle asbestos removal Devon clients, which is where we can help at Complete Asbestos Solutions. We have years of experience and the expert knowledge required to handle the process safely, so call us today on 01202 099906

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When it comes to asbestos, it is important that it be handled safely and by experts. Asbestos is an extremely harmful material, especially when it has been disturbed and particles are loose in the air. Breathing these particles in can cause serious health issues and even lead to death, so you need to make sure any asbestos containing materials are removed professionally. This is where we come in at Complete Asbestos Solutions with our asbestos removal in Devon.

We provide a safe and comprehensive service for asbestos removal, Devon clients. Our team are all specialists with years of experience and knowledge backing them, so we can remove asbestos responsibly. There are certain regulations that need to be complied with during removal of asbestos, and you can rest assured knowing we comply with them all.

With a bespoke survey from CAS, you can find out if you have asbestos at your property and which type you are dealing with. Get the process started by calling 01202 099906

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We understand that every property is different and that no two cases of asbestos will be the same. This is why we provide a flexible service for Devon asbestos removal, tailoring each approach to the specific situation at hand. We will carry out an asbestos survey beforehand, ensuring we have a full understanding of the issue and how best to handle it.

Our team will then enter your property, wearing all the necessary safety gear, in order to begin your asbestos removal in Devon. This process can be destructive and intrusive, but it is highly important for everyone’s health and safety that the process be completed. We will work with speed and efficiency to ensure we remove any asbestos as quickly as possible.


Here at Complete Asbestos Solutions, we can provide more than just asbestos removal, Devon clients.

In addition to other services for asbestos, we also offer additional services relating to health and safety. Our other services include:

Regardless of the service you require, you will receive the same high-quality results and friendly customer service from our team. To find out more about any of our services, please call us today on 01202 099906.



Welcome to Complete Asbestos Solutions, where we have made it our mission to provide our clients with services that encompass all aspects of asbestos. Whether you need help identifying asbestos on your property, or you already know it is there and require Devon asbestos removal, our team can help. With our years of experience and an unrivalled knowledge base, we are the premier team to handle the job.

When you come to us regarding asbestos removal, Devon clients, you will always receive honest and impartial advice. Our team will discuss your requirements in detail and advise you on the best method moving forward. We will never mislead you with incorrect advice or pressure you into a service that you don’t require.

Plus, here at Complete Asbestos Solutions, we provide free, no-obligation quotes across our services, including asbestos removal in Devon. So, you have absolutely nothing to lose by reaching out; if you are unhappy with our quote, you can simply walk away.

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